happy young girl playing on a playground outside smilingYou’ve probably heard it before; once you have a child, you’ll never sleep soundly again. When they’re infants, they wake up during the night. When they’re toddlers, they don’t want to sleep. When they’re older, they stay out late, and you worry. Older yet, they have their own life, and you worry more. But you expected this. What you and your child didn’t expect was the sleepless nights, and sleepy days your child has when they suffer from sleep-disordered breathing.

Sleep-disordered breathing exists on a continuum that can gradually worsen to become sleep apnea. Suppose your child isn’t getting the sleep they need because they aren’t getting enough oxygen at night. In that case, you’ll notice immediate and long-term consequences—for example, daytime sleepiness, headaches, bedwetting, learning impairment, depression, and heart problems. Pediatric sleep-disordered breathing and childhood sleep apnea are severe conditions that get overlooked due. ASAP Pathway can help.

How We Can Help (About ASAP Pathway doctor-patient process)

Kids with pediatric sleep-disordered breathing can not thrive. ASAP Pathway can get you in contact with an expert in pediatric sleep-disordered breathing so your child can get the treatment they need and have a better chance at a healthy and flourishing life.

At its core, ASAP Pathway is an