family laughing and smiling together on the couchThere are so many things to think about when raising a child. Science tells us that the way children turn out has a lot to do with you, their parent! Along with all the joyous, funny, and adorable moments, there are also moments of doubt and concern. One thing that many parents don’t think about is sleep-disordered breathing and pediatric sleep apnea. Generally, we think of sleep apnea as an overweight adult male condition. But that can’t be further from the truth. Children, regardless of gender and weight, can have sleep-disordered breathing.

Sleep-disordered breathing is an overarching term for many different steps along the continuum leading to childhood sleep apnea. Your child could have light snoring that you overlook affecting them, or they might start to show signs of fragmented sleep from pauses in breathing throughout the night. The conditions that lie under the ‘sleep-disordered breathing umbrella’ can severely impact your child’s development (physically, mentally, and emotionally) and their health now and in the future.

Growth guidance using myofunctional therapy techniques can help your child avoid and cure sleep-disordered breathing.

Two Types of Sleep Disordered Breathing

Another common misconception about sleep-disordered breathing and pediatric sleep apnea is that it’s all to do with your throat. Yet, most of us breathe through our noses throughout the day and night. If a blockage oc