On-demand pediatric dentistry continuing education program that offers you the education, resources, mentorship and collaboration to help you successfully implement pediatric airway and sleep in your practice.

Level 1: Screening Diagnosis & Risk Assessment

13.5 Hours

  • What is Sleep Disordered Breathing?
  • The parent who says, “my child does not have apnea.”
  • The importance of early recognition and intervention… how many nights without proper oxygenation and proper deep and REM sleep are too many nights for your child?
  • Diagnosis—how do we accurately and objectively recognize airway issues in children?
  • How the pathophysiology of SDB in children is different than in adults, and why it’s often more difficult to diagnose.
  • Medical comorbidities of pediatric SDB.
  • Screening tools that are easy to use, affordable and effective.
  • How to best communicate with your medical colleagues (with samples and templates).
  • Understanding Pediatric PSG’s (and getting a good one in the first place—since kids are NOT just little adults).
  • Data collection: what do you need and why?
  • How to evaluate a ceph for possible airway issues (and communicate with your orthodontic colleagues).
  • Tracey’s Airway Alphabet for Dental Airway strategies!
  • FDA approved Home Sleep Testing for Kids? Are they safe? Reliable? Worth it?
  • How to work with your medical and dental colleagues, instead of trying to work around them (and how to stay out of trouble).

Level 2: Understanding & Applying Interventional Strategies

14 Hours

  • Goals of interventional strategies: what can we realistically accomplish?
  • Understanding the guidelin